Ari Afilalo An Expert Professor & Researcher on International Trade.

Ari Afilalo An Expert Professor & Researcher on International Trade, a proud and responsible member of the Sephardic Jewish community and a Celebrated author of the book The New Global Trading Order.


An Expert in matters concerning International Trade Law, contracts and related business transactions. A dedicated professional with interest in treatment of various intellectual property concerns in trade areas.


Born and raised in Paris & France after his parents moved as immigrants from Marrakesh, Morocco through Algeria. He belongs to the vibrant Sephardic Jewish Community that migrated to the West from the East. They are proud people who left behind some counterparts who settled in Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.


Advocate for elimination of non tariff trade barriers. He also looks towards remedying the EU and rules made for protecting cross border trade. He is a celebrated author, professor and an active member of the society imparting his knowledge for the betterment of others.


He is a lovable family man and a Professor of Law at Rutgers-Camden School of Law. Ari Afilalo’s research and teachings are based around:


  • International Trade
  • International Business Transactions
  • European Union Laws

He is author of the best selling book The New Global Trading Order that has showcased the existing problems with the trade laws around the globe and focusses on not just critical analysis but suggests some interesting solutions for the same.


A Journey Of The Exiled Sephardics- Ari Afilalo


All About Europe

The descendants of Jews are referred as Sephardim who left Spain And Portugal. When we talk about the term Sephardim, it basically comes from the Hebrew word for Spain. The large Sephardic communities were founded in the following places:


  • London
  • Venice
  • Leghorn
  • Bordeaux
  • Bayonne
  • Hamburg


Sephardic Culture

Most of these immigrants spoke the two languages: Portuguese as well as the Spanish. And, there were many others who preferred to adapt mainstream Western European culture. In the 18th century, the Sephardic Jews started discriminating non-Sephardic Jews, living in the following cities:


  • London
  • Amsterdam


Arab World

On the contrary, when we talk about the Sephardic communities in the Arab world, they were more receptive to modernity than the Ashkenazi in Europe. In the North Africa, one movement named as Zionist became so popular among Sephardic Jews.



NAFTA is a the North American Free Trade Agreement that came into effect in the year 1994. The purpose of this agreement was to create the biggest free trade zone for North America, Canada and Mexico. This was to develop a strong economic base and it exhibited competitiveness in delivering positive results among the manufacturers, farmers, consumers and workers in these countries. Following is the overview of the history of the NAFTA agreement:

  • This agreement was put into effect on January 1, 1994 and was signed by the leaders of three countries mexico, the U.S., and Canada.
  • This agreement was created after the success of the free trade agreement done by Canada and U.S.
  • The world’s largest free trade area was formed with NAFTA agreement coming into effect.
  • The NAFTA has been exemplary as the first Free Trade Agreement of its type and has proven the advantages of the trade liberalization for rest of the world to follow.
  • The legal tribunal of the NAFTA allows the cross border investors to seek settlement of disputes through a proper channel and the NAFTA has been the first body to provide such channel of clear set of regulations.

Ari Afilalo is a law professor and researches on various law matters including the European Union, the International Trade Law, and NAFTA.